Pet Calendar
Let's create a calendar of your pet, or pets!

I love photographing pets,  I have done, dogs, cats, goats, and pigs!  Animals are much like little childresn, most have a very short attention span. So I have created a program, that is split into three sessions throughout the year.   Each session you will come in and have a 30 minute photo session, to capture the 4 months coming up. We will work quick and capture some really cute images before your pet becaomes bored. 

The choice is up to you, we can just do beautiful  photos of your pet, indoor and or outdoor, to capture the seasons, and your pets personalitly, if you or your children would like to be in the photos, you are more then welcome to be, or it can be just of your 4 legged family members.  If you have more than one pet you are welcome to bring them together,  we can do shots together as well as individually, or you can bring a different pet for each session.  

We also can use props, hats, scarves, glasses, etc. to do fun seasonal photos.  I have some props and you are welcome to bring your own. The choice is yours. 

Session one:  $100.00 plus tax
Session is for  the months of January, February, March and April
Session must be booked int the month of January

Session Two $100.00 plus tax
Session is for the month of May, June, July and August
Session must be booked in the month of May

Session Three $100.00 Plus tax
Session is for the months of September, October, November and December
Session must be booked in the month of September

After each session the images we shoot will be put in a private gallery for you to view, throughout the year.  At the end of your shoot in September  you will make your choices for your calendar.  You will choose 13 images to be included in your calendar,  It will be then sent off to  print,  and you will receive it shortly after.  You will also receive high resolution images of the ones you chose, on a cd which allows you to print of extra's if you like.  

The sessions are held at The Wright House Photography Studio
17233 Woodbine Ave. Stouffville.
(please note onlyy our address is Stouffville)
We are located on the east side of Newmarket  near Woodbine and Davis Dr. 

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